Arthur Santos



I am a Computer Science graduate from the University of Calgary. The knowledge I've gained through my post-secondary experience has led to a passion for web and mobile front-end development. I have a strong interest in the process of UI/UX design and development and love to learn about new technologies to create clean and functional interfaces.



Web application for listening to music while chatting with others for web systems course.
(MongoDB, Express for Node.js, ReactJS, Node.js,


An iOS puzzle game created with a team of 5 for intro to iOS course.
(Unity Engine, C#)


Web application for keeping track and modifying clothing stock for database course.
(MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4)


Simple snake game made for the raspberry pi 2 for assembly course.
(SPARC assembly)

NBA 2600

Arcade basketball game made for VIC-20 for retrogames course.

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